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New grants support flexible seating, community survey and more

Wigglers and wobblers welcome! Thanks to a BEF fall grant, Maryland Elementary students are exploring new ways to move and get comfortable in class. Stability balls, Hokki stools, cushioned discs and bouncy bands attached to chair legs allow students to find a comfortable posture and an opportunity to wobble,... (Read More)

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Re-imagining play at Cassingham

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BRAVO! bidding goes high tech

For the first time ever, bidding for BRAVO! silent auction items,... (Read More)

Generations of Bexley athletes welcome five new Hall of Famers

Five new members were inducted into the Bexley High School Athletic... (Read More)

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Your gift to the Bexley Education Foundation supports excellence in public education. The Bexley Education Foundation was founded on the belief that healthy schools are the foundation of healthy communities. Learn more about how you can support the Bexley Education Foundation...and at the same time contribute to the health of a strong Bexley community.

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