Endowment Funded Programs

The Bexley Education Foundation works with Bexley teachers to implement endowment-funded programs throughout the school year as well as ensures that endowment funded scholarships are awarded annually to graduating seniors.


Thomas A. Boster, PhD Endowment for Bexley Operation Respect

Established by Thomas A. Boster, PhD, BHS ’54 in 2007 for the Bexley Operation Respect Program, this fund supports anti-bullying programs and efforts to create a caring school climate in which all members feel safe, respected and included.

Barbara Rall Schwebel and Joseph Schwebel “Top Ten” Endowment

Barbara and Joseph Schwebel "Top Ten" Endowment

This endowment was established in 2018 by Barbara Rall Schwebel, Class of 1961 in recognition of her achievement as a top ten graduate of Bexley High School and in honor the memory of her husband, Joseph Schwebel, former present of Schwebels Baking Company. It provides an annual scholarship award to a Bexley senior who is among the top ten graduates in his/her class.

Bexley High School Alumni Endowment Fund

This fund honors the memory of long-time Bexley High School Alumni Association Secretary, Barbara Babbitt Hysell, supports three annual scholarships for Bexley High School seniors: two Carlton Smith Memorial Athletic Scholarships and the William E.L. Young Memorial Community Service Scholarship.

Bob Darwin Memorial Endowment for the Arts

This fund honors former BEF Board Chair, Bob Darwin, and his love of the arts. The fund supports arts programs for Bexley students of all ages as well as scholarship assistance for school-sponsored trips or tours for students in performing arts groups.

Charles Hoel Memorial Science Prize Endowment

This fund was established in 2018 by Robert E. Stevenson, PhD, BHS Class of  ’44. Dr. Stevenson is recognized as a pioneer in the field of human tissue banking who credits his superb cutting-edge education in Bexley for putting him on the path of scientific inquiry and discovery. This endowment honors former BHS Science Teacher, Charles Hoel, and provides two annual scholarships/science prizes to Bexley seniors.

R.L. Stine Endowment for Creative Writing

This endowment fund was established by BHS alumnus and Goosebumps author, R. L. Stine ’61, to support programs that encourage creative writing among elementary students.

David Elliott Memorial Scholarship Fund

David Elliott Memorial Scholarship Fund

Established by the family and friends of David Elliott, ’83, this fund honors David’s life and supports an annual scholarship to a student athlete who has demonstrated leadership and success both on and off the field.

Dr. Judah Folkman (Class of 1950) Science Endowment

This endowment supports an annual scientist-in-residence program as a way to inspire high school students to consider careers in science and medicine.


Eli D. Weinstock Memorial Scholarship Endowment

This endowment was established in 2021 to honor the life of Eli D. Weinstock, a 2019 Bexley High School graduate. The endowment funds two annual scholarship awards to seniors who have demonstrated genuine kindness, concern compassion and empathy for others and who have contributed to the Bexley school community through friendships and connections across diverse groups of students.

Kay Massman Helman Endowment for Mental Health and Wellness

Kay Massman Helman Endowment for Mental Health and Wellness

Established by Kay Massman Helman and Larry Helman to honor their children, Scott Wesley Helman, ’93 and Lindsay Helman Hodge, ’97, this fund supports effective mental health education programming, screening, assessments and interventions for Bexley students in grades K-8.

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