The Bexley Education Foundation is dedicated to providing opportunities for Bexley students of all ages to explore the boundaries of “What’s Possible.” Last year because of the generous support of Foundation donors, thousands of Bexley students benefitted from Bexley Education Foundation classroom grants and were impacted by Bexley Education Foundation enrichment programs

Any faculty or staff member in the Bexley City School District can apply for a Bexley Education Foundation grant. The BEF awards grants annually in the fall and spring. Grants made in the fall support projects or programs in the current school year while grants made in the spring fund projects or programs in the following school year.

Click Here For the 2022-2023 Grant Application Click Here for the 2022-2023 Grant Application GOOGLE FORM Click here for the 2022-2023 YPP Grant Application GOOGLE FORM Apply for a Bexley Education Foundation Mini Grant Click here for the YPP Grant Application Guidelines

The Bexley Education Foundation funds grant requests for:

  • Creative programs or projects
  • Extraordinary educational opportunities
  • Collaborative programs and projects between teachers, grade levels, schools, etc.
  • Programs that impact a large number of students
  • Programs that support the mission of the school district
  • Requests that “seed” money for new programs or model projects

The Bexley Education Foundation currently DOES NOT fund grant requests for:

  • Scholarships to students or teachers
  • Staff salaries
  • Field trips
  • Programs that do not support the mission of the school district
  • Ongoing support for programs or projects that received initial funding from a Bexley Education Foundation grant
  • Grants can be used to purchase tangible items; however, once purchased these items become the property of the Bexley City Schools