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Why do all Bexley students have to have a school-issued device if they already have a similar or better device?

  • A 1:1 device program “levels the playing field” so that all students, regardless of their economic status, have the same companion device for learning whether that takes place in the classroom or remotely. Personal devices, as opposed to school devices, cannot be managed, secured, internet content filtered or used for assessments (State testing, MAP testing, etc.). Teachers can not fully focus on instruction when they are trying to troubleshoot technology issues because students are on multiple platforms (MacBooks, cell phones, Windows laptops). 
  • School issued devices will be the devices that teachers expect and plan for when preparing lessons and assignments. When all students have the same device it creates a consistent teaching and learning experience. 

Why doesn’t the School District use operating dollars to pay for these devices?

  • The operating levy passed in 2019 allows for the School District to continue its current level of educational programming but it created no surplus. 
  • When instruction shifted to distance learning in March 2020, some students had no access to technology while many others had to share devices. The economic downturn caused by COVID-19, the reduction in state funding for schools (expected to be $411,00 for the current fiscal year), along with the anticipated reduction in income tax revenue did not support the School District taking on the entire expense of a 1:1 student device program.

Is this device program just a response to COVID-19 and not necessary for the long-term? 

  • The School District adopted a Technology Plan in 2019 that included phasing in a 1:1 student device program over a three-year period starting in the 2019-2020 school year. COVID accelerated the need to adopt the program. A 1:1 student device program will fundamentally transform instruction in the Bexley Schools and prepare students to move confidently and competently into the tech-driven world. 

What are the plans to pay for the initial implementation and for the ongoing costs of the device program? 

  • At the request of the Bexley City Schools, the Bexley Education Foundation approved a $250,000 Impact Grant in May 2020 and the intent to explore a fundraising campaign that would cover the $1 million cost of purchasing 2,355 devices — an iPad or Chromebook for each student in the district. 
  • The initial purchase of devices is expected to have at least a three-year life cycle. The School District is developing a replacement cycle plan for devices which will be part of its annual budget. Training and any ancillary products will be funded by the School District and any state and federal grants may be sought as they become available.


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