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One for All: Powering Up Education in Bexley

The Bexley Education has a long history of funding technological innovation in the Bexley Schools. The Bexley Education Fund (the precursor to BEF) organized a fund drive in 1987 to purchase computers for the School District. More recently, BEF has funded district-wide WiFi, supported the purchase of mobile technology for all elementary classrooms, purchased internet enabled devices for students who had no access to technology and purchased mobile hotspots. 

The success of BEF’s One for All campaign will essentially transform instruction in the Bexley Schools. A 1:1 student device program fully integrates technology into the learning experience, whether that learning takes place in or outside of the classroom. Today, a device is as necessary as a learning tool as a textbook. When every student has a school-issued companion device for learning (an iPad or Chromebook), teachers can individualize instruction and create engaging and collaborative learning opportunities.This kind of innovation supports Bexley students moving confidently and competently into today’s tech-driven world. 

If you would like to learn more about the effort to power up education in Bexley, including how to make a campaign gift, please visit (link to website) and/or contact BEF Executive Director, Pam Glasgow at or at (614) 338-2093.


Campaign Committee

Anna Ramsden & Jeremy Seck, Co-Chairs

Julie Z. Cohen
Alison Day
Elizabeth (Betsy) T. Farrar
Katie Kaufman
Melissa Lacroix

Douglas Segerman
Rachel Longaberger Stukey
Megan P. Walker
Ted Sapp
Doug & Amy Grace Ulman



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