Supporting Our Seniors

We share in the disappointment of our Bexley High School Seniors who are missing out on so many treasured milestones as they wrap up their journey through the Bexley City Schools. Our commitment to the Class of 2020 includes: 

  • Purchasing special congratulatory yard signs for members of the Senior Class
  • Providing each Senior with a Bexley Alumni t-shirt  
  • Attaching a $250 cash award (from BEF’s Lions’ Pride Alumni Fund) to every Senior who receives a BHS Departmental Award/Cup and 
  • Funding a total of $14,750 in scholarship awards for Seniors from BEF endowed scholarship funds, including the Bexley High School Alumni Endowment, Sandra Montgomery (Class of ‘55) Memorial Endowment, Rhodena Masys Memorial Endowment, Charles Hoel Memorial Endowment, Barbara Rall Schwebel and Joseph Schwebel “Top Ten” Endowment, and the McCamic Family Foundation Endowment.