Students Love Grantmaking

Bexley High School students in the Foundation’s Youth Philanthropy Program spent this past fall learning from Columbus area nonprofit leaders and then used that knowledge to make grant awards to support needs identified by staff and students within the middle school and high school.  

2022-2023 Youth Philanthropy Grants

  • $2,000 to support an after-school program for high school and middle school students in a safe space with a consistent adult offering academic support (task management and homework), mental health support, direction for post-high school planning and financial skill development. There are also mentoring opportunities offered that provide younger students with an opportunity to interact with older peers and students to develop ongoing relationships that bridge middle/high school allowing for continued peer support and skill development.
  • $660 to provide COSI science kits to the Bexley Minority Buddies Program which is designed to support younger minority students in the school district and give them role models and support. These STEM kits provide a fun buddy learning experience while encouraging science exploration.
  • $1,300 to purchase musical instruments (keyboard, ukulele, guitar) and a small amplifier to support high school math instruction and the concepts of exponential growth and decay through the chromatic scale. The instruments support teaching mathematics through the lens of music. 
  • $1,000 to purchase a fine art printer with capacity to print 4×6 to 13×19 inch prints of high school students in all their varied curricular and extracurricular activities. Prints will be displayed throughout the high school building, including hallways, bulletin boards, and classrooms.

The Foundation’s Youth Philanthropy Program is funded by the Charlene Morgan Emerging Leaders Endowment. To learn more about the program contact Wendy Hauswirth at