Spring 2022 Grants and Endowment Awards

Thanks to all of those who partnered with the Bexley Education Foundation over the past year, the Foundation’s Board of Governors approved a total of $35,614 in classroom grants and endowment awards this spring funding cycle. The grants and awards will support educator-initiated projects and programs. These projects include:

$13,612 to create a new welcoming and accessible space with curved shelving units and a large ottoman for lower elementary students to use in the Cassingham Library. The shelving units will help younger students browse more easily for books and the ottoman will provide more comfortable seating for reading or device use.

$14,900 to support author visits for both upper and lower elementary students. Two different authors and their books will be introduced to Bexley elementary students starting in the fall with each author visiting with their appropriate age-level groups in February 2023. A combination of grant dollars and funding from the R.L. Stine Endowment for Creative Writing will support the book study and author visits for all students at Cassingham, Maryland and Montrose.

$5,474 to purchase a portable SMART Board for physical education teachers to use for the benefit of middle school and high school students. The technology will provide a wide range of tools, including various Apps, videos and displays, that students can use to improve and monitor their fitness skills as well as engage in various physical activities.

$1,628 to support a series of summer explorations for ESL students in grades 4-12. The program will be held for four days during the week of July 11 and include “sensory visits” to the Ohio Statehouse, COSI, the Ohio State campus as well as Scioto Audubon Metropark. The goal of the program is to increase the connection between ESL students, who may not always feel culturally and linguistically integrated, with their local community.