Spring 2020 Grants

Almost $22,000 in BEF classroom grants have been approved by the BEF’s Executive Committee, with the full BEF Board of Governors’ approval set for May 20. BEF Spring 2020 grant awards include:  

$640 for the purchase of a Quiz Master-II Buzzer System to support the Bexley High School Latin Program and the development of a Junior Classical League. The system, which provides buzzers for four teams of four, will allow Latin students to participate in Cetamen, an “academic bowl” style game written entirely in Latin, that is played at the state and national level. 

$2,782 to support an 8th grade community service project facilitated by Bexley Middle School World Language Teacher Lindsay Shankle who worked with 14 students on the grant application. Students identified mental health as an issue affecting their peers and then sought input from their teachers on ways to reduce stress and anxiety. The grant will create a designated calming space in the Middle School and purchase materials for 22 “break boxes” that each contain a timer, fidgets, art supplies and positive notes. 

$6,800 to bring a diverse group of artists, presenters and creators, into 6-10th grade classrooms for a variety of student experiences. Proposed experiences include step dancing, slam poetry, graffiti art and a book study. The program will  culminate with a visit by New York Times best-selling author, Jason Reynolds. Reynolds is the author of  All-American Boys, Stamped: Racism, Anti-Racism and You and Long Way Down. 

A total of $11,700 to support the purchase of large, over-the-ear headphones for Montrose Elementary students, increase the supply of the same headphones at Maryland Elementary  and support the purchase of the same headphones for new students at Cassingham Elementary.