Setting a new vision

At the BEF Board Retreat held in February, board members were challenged to build upon the successes of the past 35 years to create a strategic focus for the future. With a renewed sense of purpose and engagement, Board Members began to dig deep into what makes the BEF’s work important and impactful for Bexley students, teachers and alumni.

One of the first steps taken was to revise the BEF’s mission, vision and values to better reflect our shared beliefs, why our organization matters and the what we seek to make happen. The new mission, vision and values were unveiled by Betsy Farrar, the incoming BEF Board Chair at the Annual Meeting and we are pleased to share them with you:



Foundation: Our pride in Bexley, combined with a tradition of excellence in public education, provides a strong foundation for future growth.
Philanthropy: Our generations of donors, and our connections with alumni make the extraordinary possible.
Wholeness: We nurture a student body that is well-rounded and diverse in thought and action.
Education: We support educators who serve as a source of inspiration for our students and our alumni.
Impact: In collaboration with the Bexley City Schools, we support creativity and innovation in our learning environments

OUR VISION: To foster an inclusive community of engaged learners, educators, and alumni

OUR MISSION: Investing today in the full potential of tomorrow.