We are all giving more these days, to the people and to the organizations that we care the most about. Philanthropy, as defined as “goodwill to fellow members of the human race”, and as a philosophy, is more important than ever. We are truly thankful for our generations of donors, who over the years have made the extraordinary possible.

Because of the continued philanthropic investment by individuals and organizations in the Bexley Schools through the BEF, amazing things are happening, foremost among them, the implementation of the 1:1 student device program. When all students have the same school-issued devices the playing field in access to technology is leveled. It is a major shift that mirrors what other school districts, as well as institutions of higher learning, have had in place for several years. This program will transform instruction and issue in a new era of technology fully integrated into our learning programs.

We appreciate the generosity of all of those who have already supported the “One for All” technology campaign and invite anyone interested to join the effort by making a gift payable over the next three years. Together, we are shaping the future for Bexley students.