“One for All” Campaign Update

The effort to transform instruction in the Bexley Schools through a 1:1 student device program is moving full steam ahead. Here is what one elementary student had to say:

Dear BEF, Thank you for buying the Chromebooks for us. They have improved the school in so many ways. Now we can safely use a computer distanced 6 feet away from each other, and nobody touches it! I now can write projects at home neater and faster. Thank you for doing this kind deed. This must have cost a fortune. Thank you for this gift. It is much appreciated and has helped me work more efficiently. Sincerely, Oscar 

The $1 million cost to implement the program (providing an iPad or Chromebook for every Bexley student), is the fundraising goal for BEF’s “One for All” campaign. We are grateful to all of the donors who have contributed through outright gifts or pledges to the effort so far. As you can see, we are 73% of our goal! If you would like to support the campaign prior to the end of this year, please click here or contact BEF Executive Director, Pam Glasgow at pamela.glasgow@bexley.us