“One for All” Campaign Update

It’s not too late to be among those current parents, alumni, parents of alumni and community members who have donated to the BEF’s ”One for All” technology campaign — providing the funding necessary to implement a 1:1 student device program in the Bexley Schools.

The program, which was critical to supporting instruction during the remote and hybrid learning models, is now powering up creativity, collaboration, critical thinking and communication in classrooms. “The devices have done more than provide new software. They have created another shared experience and an equitable way to stay connected for all our students,” said Dr. Dan Good, Bexley City Schools Interim Superintendent.

From elementary through high school, Bexley students are using their school-issued devices to conduct research, explore podcasts and video production, take virtual tours, and experience virtual author and artist visits and performances. When the school year ends, students (with the exception of graduating seniors) will keep their school-issued companion devices over the summer.

Donors to the BEF’s “One for All” technology campaign have embraced the transformational aspects of the 1:1 device program with gifts ranging from $50 to $50,000.

Donors who make campaign commitments of $5,000 or more (payable over five years) will be recognized on special pieces that will be installed at each school. Would you or your family like to be recognized for your commitment to students, teachers and the Bexley educational experience? To find out how, contact Pam Glasgow, BEF Executive Director at (614) 338-2093