Navigating the Path

The Bexley Education Foundation has partnered with the Bexley Schools for many years to support the development of the whole student. As the mental health and well being of students has grown as an area of concern, and as a strategic focus of the school district, the Foundation has responded with funding support for:

Panorama – a survey tool administered in grades 4-12 that allows Bexley educators to assess students’ perceptions of social emotional learning (the critical skills and mindsets that enable success in school and in life). The online questionnaire encourages students to reflect on their own mindsets and approaches to learning.

Grant Us Hope/Hope Squad – a nonprofit dedicated to enhancing mental wellness, safety and prevention in schools. Through its peer-to-peer program, Hope Squad, Bexley High School students are working to emphasize self-care and prevent suicide and bullying among their classmates.

Project Wayfinder – an innovative, research-based K-12 program focused on social-emotional learning. Currently, Bexley High School counselors are using Wayfinder weekly lessons to support students in their transition from middle school to high school. School counselors are collaborating with ninth-grade English and History teachers to offer lessons that teach students life skills in the areas of collaboration, empathy, adaptability, and self-awareness.

The Kay Massman Helman Endowment Fund for Mental Health and Wellness – established at the Bexley Education Foundation in 2021 recognizes the vital role that schools play in the healthy development of children. The fund will provide annual support for mental health education and prevention programming as well as screening, assessments and interventions for Bexley students in grades K-8.