More Changes This Fall Thanks TO BEF Grants

Cassingham students returned to find a serene space near the main entrance dedicated to the memory of a special teacher. The construction of the Molly Davis Memorial Garden at Cassingham was completed over the summer months. The garden, which features brick hardscaping, shrubs, benches and a peace pole, will continue to grow and evolve with new plants and other elements added over time. The garden was funded through grants from the BEF and the Cassingham PTO as well as Cassingham student and parent donations and many in-kind gifts. Volunteers tended to the new plantings over the summer.

Bexley elementary teachers returned to their classrooms to find ELMO document cameras in place. The BEF funded the purchase of 62 of the coveted cameras, which allow teachers to quickly and easily project student work and printed matter onto the SMART Board in every elementary classroom, K-6, across the district.