Make A Planned Gift

The opportunity to sustain excellence in the Bexley City Schools exists through a planned gift to the Bexley Education Foundation. A planned gift placed in the Bexley Education Endowment can be used in perpetuity to benefit the young men and women of today who will call Bexley their alma mater tomorrow. There are many ways to make a meaningful planned or deferred charitable gift to the Bexley Education Foundation. These include: a specific bequest to the Bexley Education Foundation in a will or trust agreement; naming the Bexley Education Foundation as the beneficiary of an insurance policy, retirement or IRA plan; or establishing a charitable trust or gift annuity.

If you have already included the Bexley Education Foundation in your will or other long-range plan, please let us know!

For more information about making a planned gift to the Bexley Education Foundation, please contact the BEF office at (614) 338-2093 or email All inquiries are held in confidence. The Bexley Education Foundation encourages all donors who are considering making a significant gift to seek independent legal and/or financial planning advice.

Bexley Education Foundation Legacy Society Members

(as of August 31, 2019)

Ann M. Albershardt, Class of ‘46*

Bev and Bob* Darwin

Dr. Marty Ross-Dolen & Dr. Eric Dolen

Karen Eisenbach and Danny Yee

Preston Elliott, Class of ’86 and Jill Elliott

Beth Grimes Flood

Ruth Lindeck Forman ’62

Mabel Gilbert Freeman, Class of ‘62

Mark B. Friedman, Class of ’77

Barbara and Gary Giller

Peter B. and Janet Halliday

Tom and Julie Heilman

Lee Hess and Irene Levine

Linda and Frank Kass, Class of ‘61

Brad and Holly Kastan

Ronald Kauffman, Class of ‘58 and Renee Kauffman

Charlene E. Morgan

Matt Palmer, Class of ’75 and Lisa Palmer

Bill and Anne Hoffman Porter, Class of ‘74

Susie McClelland Rath, ’58 and Charlie Rath

John and JoAnn Rohyans

Rich and Julie Russo

Edward Schlezinger, Class of ’28 *

Robert E. Stevenson, Class of ‘44

Jeff and Megan Powers Walker, Class of ‘82

Jim Winnegrad and Janice Manheim

*Denotes deceased