Dr. Patricia Kollander to speak at Bexley High School, 2018 Holocasut Scholar-in-Residence

Dr. Patricia Kollander, Professor and Director of Undergraduate Studies in History at Florida Atlantic University, is Bexley High School’s 2018 Holocaust Scholar-in-Residence. Dr. Kollander’s research and teaching interests include modern Germany and Russia, World War II and the history of European women.

Dr. Kollander will speak with Bexley High School students during classes on Monday, March 5 and give a community presentation at 5:45 p.m. in the high school Community Room. Her evening presentation is open to the public and free. Dr. Kollander’s presentation is titled “German and Austrian Emigres in World War II and the War Against Hitler and Nazism.”

The Holocaust Scholar-in-Residence program was initiated by now-retired social studies teacher Dr. Ben Trotter, who taught Bexley High School’s first Holocaust Seminar in 2006. The course and the residency are overseen today by social studies teacher, Nancy Mallory.

Past Holocaust Scholars include Dr. Robin Judd, Associate Professor of History at Ohio State, Dr. Robert N. Kraft, Professor of Psychology at Otterbein College, Dr. Paul Eisenstein, Professor of English at Otterbein College, Dr. Alan Beyerchen, Emeritus Associate Professor from Ohio State, Dr. Richard Steigmann-Gall, Associate Professor at Kent State University, Dr. Myrna Goldenberg, Professor Emerita from Montgomery College in Rockville, Maryland, Dr. Michael Meng, Assistant Professor of History at Clemson University, and Dr. Adam Seipp, Professor of History Texas A&M University.

Funding for the Holocaust Scholar-in-Residence Program is provided by designated gifts to the Bexley Education Foundation, including those made by the Charles and Debbi Sugarman Family.