Hocus Pocus ChromeBooks Among Us

The wait is over as Bexley students now have their own school-issued iPads or Chromebooks thanks to the BEF’s commitment to raise the funds to implement a 1:1 device program in the Bexley Schools. Students and teachers could not be more excited as their devices provide a common experience and platform for instruction, collaboration and communication. No longer do students have to share devices and no longer do teachers have to be technology troubleshooters. Here is what Bexley students are saying about their devices:

“The Chromebooks are much nicer than the old ones and more helpful.”

“I am really looking forward to using my new Chromebook because my mom had to get one from her work and I had to switch with my sister.”

“School will be much more fun now. This will help me with my classes because I can type my assignments better.”

“I used my mom’s computer for school but now she can have her’s.” 

“The Chromebooks help me stay organized with my school work.”

“So many people who used their phones and who can now use a proper device are thankful. They make taking notes so much easier. Teachers are also thankful because they don’t have to keep track of papers as much now!” 

Although BEF’s $250,000 Impact Grant in May allowed the School District to enter into a three-year purchase plan for 2,300+ devices, the total cost of the program is approximately $1 million. That’s why the success of the BEF’s “One for All” campaign is so important. To find out more about how you can help power up education in the Bexley Schools visit www.bexleyeducationfoundation.org or call the BEF office at (614) 338-2093.