Songwriters-in-Residence - $5,000

Classroom Grant | Spring 2014

This grant will support the visit of Grammy-nominated musicians Peter Cooper and Eric Brace for a three-day songwriter residency in all three elementary schools plus an evening concert open to the community.

STEM Classroom at BMS - $41,498

Classroom Grant | Spring 2014

Through a partnership with the District, this grant supports the creation of a dedicated STEM classroom (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) at Bexley Middle School. The district is remodeling classroom space; the BEF grant supports the purchase of science equipment and technology for the classroom.

Read more about this grant here.

Sensory Diet Stations - $786

Classroom Grant | Spring 2014

A grant of $786 will purchase a series of posters for each elementary school in the district. The posters help students, particularly those with Autism Spectrum Disorders, Attention Deficit Disorder, and Sensory Processing Disorders to self-regulate their behaviors.

STEM on Wheels at Montrose - $7,000

Classroom Grant | Spring 2014

A grant of $7,000 will support the purchase of science discovery and manipulative materials for Montrose Elementary that will be used in the classrooms as well as during indoor recess and after school. The grant also provides for the purchase of storage carts.

Montrose Playground Project - $12,000

Classroom Grant | Spring 2014

A grant award of $12,000 supported the renovation of the playground, including the installation of new play structures, at Montrose Elementary School.

Document cameras for all K-6th grade classrooms - $35,000

Classroom Grant | Spring 2014

Bexley elementary teachers returned to their classrooms this August to find ELMO document cameras in place. The BEF funded the purchase of 62 document cameras for teacher use in every Kindergarten ”“ 6th grade classroom across the district. The cameras allow teachers to quickly and easily project text from printed documents, books, even student work onto the SMART Board without the need for scanning or transparencies.