Building Molecules - $1,267

Classroom Grant | Fall 2013

Grant supported purchase of molecule model sets for use in seventh grade science classes.

Montrose Lego Club - $1,378

Classroom Grant | Fall 2013

Grant supported purchase of new materials for Montrose Lego Club, open to grades K-5. BEF had in past years provided funding to Lego clubs at Cassingham and Maryland Elementary Schools.

High Altitude Research - $2,241

Youth Program Grant | Fall 2013

This grant from the Youth Philanthropy Program allowed the BHS high altitude balloon team to expand on the prior year’s successful LEO Mission into inner space with a 2014 launch. The grant supported the purchase of data collection equipment.

Robotics materials - $2,000

Youth Program Grant | Fall 2013

BEF’s Youth Philanthropy Program (YPP) funded this request from the high school robotics team to support the purchase of pneumatics equipment needed for their entry into the First Robotics competition. The components will also be used in classroom instruction.

Cameras for TORCH and BEXLEY - $10,574

Classroom Grant | Fall 2013

The high school yearbook and award-winning student newspaper will benefit from the purchase of new cameras and lenses to capture action sports photos and excellent shots of dimly-lit choir, orchestra, band and threatre productions and lectures.

Project LEO (“Lions Entering Orbit”) - $800

Classroom Grant | Spring 2013

This grant, awarded to Bexley High School science teacher Tami Golliday, supported a high-altitude balloon launch by Bexley High School students. The goal of the LEO Mission was to successfully launch a research payload-bearing balloon into inner space and at approximately 110,000 feet take a photo of “a lion in space.”

Percussion Explosion - $16,200

Classroom Grant | Spring 2013

This grant funded the purchase of percussion equipment to support a recent rapid increase in band students in grades 5-12. The equipment to be purchased included a marimba, xylophone, vibraphone, chimes, concert bells, drums, cymbals and assorted mallets and stands. The purchase eliminated the need to transport percussion instruments between elementary schools, accommodated separate band practices at the same time, provided equipment to students with financial needs and established a front ensemble percussion section for the high school marching band.

Molly’s Garden - $10,800

Classroom Grant | Spring 2013

This grant supported the development of the Molly Davis Memorial Garden, honoring the memory of a beloved and accomplished teacher. The garden, now complete, is located at the northwest corner of the Cassingham complex. The grant was awarded to Cassingham Elementary Principal Jeannine Hetzler, who applied for the funds on behalf of a committee comprised of Cassingham teachers, parents and students. The garden was planned as an extension of Cassingham Elementary; not only as an outdoor classroom but as a space where staff and students can read and be inspired to write and create and where the community is welcome. Grant funding from the BEF supported the construction of the garden’s hard structures, including a low sitting wall, a brick walkway and entrance areas.

Read more about this grant here.

Columbia Teachers College Training - $10,000

Classroom Grant | Spring 2013

This grant supported four days of training for Bexley elementary teachers in Writing Workshop during the summer of 2013. The training, provided by Columbia Teacher’s College, equipped teachers to implement a writing workshop environment in their classrooms. A writing workshop approach aims to put in place structures that will help students to meet the new Common Core Standards for English and Language Arts.

While elementary students have traditionally focused on narrative writing, the new standards call for students to write opinion, informational and narrative pieces with equal proficiency. The “writing workshop” classroom includes study of various genres; promotes independence; supports inquiry and collaboration; encourages independence, volume and craft in writing; and uses performance assessments to chart progress. The grant was awarded to Montrose Principal Quint Gage and Reading Specialist Sue Umpleby, and engaged elementary teachers from across the District.

Photosynthesis and Fluorescence - $3,395

Classroom Grant | Spring 2014

The Bexley High School Science Department received a grant of $3,395 to purchase a chlorophyll fluorometer to be used in biology and environmental science classes.