Enhanced Learning Environments for BMS World Language - $5,485

Classroom Grant | Spring 2019

$5,485 to enhance the learning environments in Bexley Middle School World Language classrooms through more flexible seating options and the addition of sky lighting panels

Visting Artist & Author Jerry Pinkney - $3,500

Classroom Grant | Spring 2019

This grant of $3,500 supported an October 2019 visit by award winning children’s author and illustrator Jerry Pinkney to the Bexley Schools as part of a community-wide engagement with his work.

Virtual Reality for BMS Social Studies - $8,236

Classroom Grant | Spring 2019

This grant of $8,236 supported the purchase a classroom set of virtual reality (VR) headsets for Bexley Middle School Social Studies classrooms to enhance learning experiences through virtual tours, field trips and immersion in historical events and places of study.

Jazz Risers - $4,652

Classroom Grant | Spring 2019

In partnership with Bexley Music Partners, this grant of $4,652 supported the purchase of new, portable risers for the Middle School and High School Jazz Bands.

Cassingham Library Renovation - $13,000

Classroom Grant | Spring 2019

In partnership with the School District, this grant of $13,000 provided a small-scale renovation within the Cassingham Library to create flexible learning spaces with moveable/multifunctional wall dividers that are magnetic and use dry erase markers.

District-Wide Impact Grant - $115,000

Impact Grant | Spring 2019

A grant of $115,000 supported several district-wide social-emotional learning initiatives, and increased access to technology. This grant supports the purchase of the Panorama tool, platform to assess and monitor students’ social and emotional development.

Building leaders in the School District were supported by the Impact Grant as it will provide them with the opportunity to attend Harvard’s Project Zero Classroom 2019 training.

This grant also provided funding for coding and robotics experiences at each elementary school using designated devices and computer science programs.

Appreciation for Bexley Institute presenters - $1,953

Classroom Grant | Fall 2018

A grant of $1,953 was awarded to Dr. Laura Lipsett, Bexley City Schools Executive Director of Educational Programs, to purchase books and gift cards in appreciation of teachers who presented workshops at the Bexley Institute professional development day.

Product Design for Cassingham 4th Graders - $1,400

Classroom Grant | Fall 2018

A grant of $1,400 was awarded to Ben Pinciotti, Cassinham Elementary Art teacher to support4th grade students learning the product-design process by creating custom shoe designs for local businesses and organizations.

Flexible Seating for High School English - $1,354

Classroom Grant | Fall 2018

A grant of $1,354 was awarded to Bexley High School English teacher, Dr. Michelle Rogers, to provide flexible seating options and a standing desk to supplement standard desk seating options in her classroom.

Spanish Language Books - $1,750

Classroom Grant | Fall 2018

A grant of $1,750 was awarded to Spanish teachers, Sherri Higgins and Lindsay Shankle, to purchase Spanish language books to promote recreational/volunteer reading among Bexley Middle School and Bexley High School Spanish students.