Teaching for Creativity Institute - $6,000

Classroom Grant | Spring 2018

Grant funding of $6,000 was awarded to Kimberly Miller, Superintendent of Bexley City Schools, to sent teachers to a professional development opportunity in June.

Yoga and Mindfulness for BMS Students - $3,165

Classroom Grant | Spring 2018

Grant funding of $3,165 was awarded to Alison Nakasako, BMS World Language Teacher, to offer yoga as an option during a flex period that will be offered as part of the daily schedule at Bexley Middle School starting in fall 2018. This program offers students the opportunity to take yoga once a week for eight weeks to help with stress reduction and relaxation.

Maryland Playground Project - $7,000

Classroom Grant, Impact Grant | Spring 2018

This grant of $7,000 will support the installation of new play structures at the “front” playground at Maryland Elementary to support the social, emotional and physical benefits of outdoor play for Maryland students.

See Me in Books - $1,275

Classroom Grant | Fall 2017

A matching funds grant of $1,275 was awarded to Sam McMasters, Director of Special Education on behalf of a project initiated by the Special Education PTO. The PTO raised funds to purchase books to increase the number of books in all school library collections that feature main characters with disabilities, thereby increasing awareness and inclusion of students with special needs.

Freedom Sings - $4,350

Classroom Grant | Fall 2017

Grant funding of $4,350 was awarded to Diane Goodney, Music Specialist at Cassingham Elementary to bring the Freedom Sings program of the Newseum to Bexley elementary and middle school students. The program explores the First Amendment through music and culminates in a community concert. The BEF is partnering with the Bexley Music Parents and the School District’s School Climate Committee to bring the musicians and instructors for the two-day program to the Bexley Schools.

Active Voice part II - $1,211

Classroom Grant | Fall 2017

This grant of $1,211 provides new technology to the Bexley Middle School documentary project as conceived by Dr. Linda Kelly in 2012 (and supported by a BEF grant). The semester-long project has continued with 7th and 8th grade students identified as gifted in Language Arts conducting subject research and creating documentaries that are then shown at the Bexley Middle School film festival held at the Drexel Theater.

iPads for Intervention - $4,468

Classroom Grant | Fall 2017

Grant funding of $4,468 was awarded to Montrose Intervention Specialist, Heather Addington to purchase 10 iPads to support 42 students with IEP’s at Montrose Elementary.  The iPads help students who struggle with writing words on paper because the Siri technology allows them to dictate their writing. This process lowers anxiety, builds confidence and supports the social and emotional needs of the students.

Quizdom Response System - $2,300

Classroom Grant | Fall 2017

Grant funding of $2,300 was awarded to Bexley Middle School Math teacher Paula Clemmons for a Quizdom Audience Response System, for her classroom. This “clicker technology” provides real time data allowing the teacher to evaluate how math students are understanding the concepts they are learning. It is a dynamic software that has many different applications for supporting learning.

eReaders for Education - $7,000

Classroom Grant | Fall 2017

$7,000 in grant funding was awarded to Bexley Schools librarians to pilot an eReader lending program at each school. eReaders are valuable to students because they provide instant access to any book, provide audio content that supports struggling readers and keep the reading process private. School librarians will purchase and download all eReader content.

Enhanced Environment for Language Learning - $2,500

Classroom Grant | Fall 2017

Grant funding of $2,500 awarded to Sherri Higgins Bexley High School Spanish teacher, to support her instruction and improve her classroom environment by adding flexible seating options including balance ball chairs and a sky ceiling tiles.