Go Big for Bexley Students

Please consider donating to the Bexley Education Foundation (BEF) through The Columbus Foundation’s Big Give on June 10 -11. BEF has a singular mission focused on supporting the students and teachers in the Bexley City Schools. They inspire daily with their BIG energy, creativity and caring. 

With teachers as our partners, we are able to impact the educational experience district-wide by providing financial support to address their unique challenges and fulfill their BIG dreams.. 

Like you, we started the past school year in a very different place than where we ended. Along the way, BEF grants and programs had Bexley students doing, making, dancing, laughing and yes, even cringing in BIG ways. Last year, thanks to BEF donor support:

  • Fifth graders broke out into a spontaneous dance party as part of a school visit by children and young adult author, Elly Swartz
  • Elementary students learned that award-winning author and illustrator Jerry Pinkney writes his stories from a special place in  his home where he calls upon memories from his childhood.
  • Middle School students taught their peers how to build computers during their flex time period
  • 6th and 8th grade Middle School students had a personalized makerspace to use during design class  
  • High School students got squeamish watching orthopedic surgeon, Joel Politi perform a live knee replacement surgery
  • High School freshman were introduced to Shakespeare through the feuding Capulet and Montague pizza parlors

When the Bexley Schools schools closed in March, we shifted gears from classroom support to supporting students and teachers at home. We were able to purchase hot spots to address the issue of students without internet access. The internet enabled devices BEF purchased in the fall went home with students who needed them to continue their learning. We were also able to honor the graduating class of 2020 and support them through scholarships and awards.  

When you make a gift, of any size, during the Big Give’s 25 hour “online giving rally,” you support the teachers who count upon us to meet their needs both in and outside of the classrooms, and the hundreds of Bexley students who benefit annually from BEF funded grants and programs. 

With a mission of investing today in the potential of tomorrow, BEF is focused on the future. With your support, you can help shape that BIG future now and in the months and year ahead.  Thank you.