WHY WE GIVE: Linda and Mike Carruthers

You might say Mike Carruthers, BHS ’78, knows a thing or two about Bexley. A second-generation BHS grad (his mother Bonnie Sheaf Carruthers graduated in 1948) and a real estate agent in Coldwell Banker King Thompson’s Bexley office for 25 years, Mike has sold some Bexley homes multiple times. He figures he’s been inside just about half the homes in this small community, where houses are often known by the names of their former owners.

While Bexley has many assets attractive to potential residents, Mike says there is no doubt about the most important one: the public schools. “People like the 1920s architecture, and they like the location,” he says, but “the schools are the number one factor.” The schools are what drew him and his wife Linda, a Chicago native, to move back here after college and a brief stint in the Short North, pre-kids. “I loved Bexley right away,” says Linda. “I love the trees, the way the houses are all so different…and I love that the class sizes are small so that the kids get to know everyone.” All three of the Carruthers children””Colby ’03, Erin ’07 and Kyle ’13””attended the Bexley schools.

That’s why Mike and Linda have supported the BEF’s annual Fund for Excellence drive and BRAVO! for 11 years running. They continue to do so now, even though their children have moved on from Bexley””although daughter Colby, says Linda, dreams of moving back to Bexley and having her children attend Bexley schools. Giving to the Foundation is a way to support the schools at the heart of the community they love. “I think it’s nice to make donations that improve the area where you live,” says Mike.