Family Foundation Establishes Endowment

The Jeremy C. McCamic Family Foundation has always looked to meet a need or fill a gap for students and teachers in the Bexley Schools with its grant making. Since 2006, Abby Feinknopf, Jeremy McCamic’s daughter, has worked with the Bexley Education Foundation to identify areas where her family’s foundation could make a difference or spark an “aha moment.”

Some of the areas that have benefited from McCamic Foundation investment include special education and the arts. The McCamic Foundation has funded artists residencies as well as STEAM talks at Bexley High School. STEAM talk presenters included local architects and designers, engineers, bankers, physicians, medical researchers, astronomers, anthropologists, entrepreneurs and artists.

Most recently, the McCamic Foundation has funded scholarships for graduating seniors whose work ethic has distinguished them. The recipients (12 over the past two years) were recognized for their courage and persistence and ability to overcome adversity with $1,000 scholarship awards.

These scholarship awards will continue now in perpetuity because of the McCamic Foundation establishing a designated endowment fund with the BEF. The McCamic Family Foundation has established similar scholarship funds at the University of Mississippi (Ole Miss), West Virginia University Law School and the Linsly Preparatory School.

“The McCamic Family Foundation has historically worked to help others succeed in a variety of areas, and so we felt it important to endow the Work Ethic Scholarships to ensure that those students, typically found out of the limelight, who are perhaps facing some adversity, but nevertheless show up and give it their all, every day,  get rewarded for their tenacity and sincere efforts, for generations to come,” said Abby Feinknopf describing why the McCamic Foundation decided to establish endowment with BEF.

For more information about how to establish an endowment fund with the BEF, please contact  Executive Director, Pam Glasgow at or call (614) 338-2093.