WHY I GIVE: Cassandra Gainer

For longtime BRAVO! auction donor Cassandra Gainer, running a pet-sitting business comes naturally. A dog owner all her life, her household currently includes two chihuahuas, a Jack Russell terrier, two turtles, two cats, a ball python, and a Betta fish.

Yet her love for animals was only one factor in the “Aha!” moment ten years ago that led Gainer to give up her job and start Precious Pets of Bexley. Just as important was an idea planted by her father, himself a Bexley entrepreneur: that owning a business in Bexley, Ohio was a “win-win.” Not only is it a great community to live in, but your neighbors will support your company, he told her. “People here like to support Bexley businesses,” he said.

And so it was. Gainer has never had to advertise, but gains new clients through word of mouth and flyers placed in local businesses. A Class of 1980 Bexley High School graduate who moved back to Bexley so that her two sons, Jymi Andorka (now in tenth grade) and Charlie Andorka (8th grade) would benefit from a Bexley education, Gainer donates her pet-sitting services, along with a package of pet treats, to the BRAVO! Auction every year.

“I have a passion for this,” she says. “I love Bexley, and I like to support Bexley just as Bexley has supported me and my boys.”

If you would like to donate an item to the 2015 BRAVO! silent auction to showcase your company, contact BRAVO! Silent Auction Chair Lisa Thiergartner”¦call the BEF office at (614) 338-2093 for contact info.