Donor Feature: Kit Yoon and James MacDonald

Q) Describe your connections to the Bexley City Schools:

A) We moved here from California in 2010 not knowing much about the Columbus area. Our realtor took us on a tour of several suburbs, none of which fit. We described what we were looking for — a town with good schools; an established community: a place where our kids could walk and bike to activities and not one where we would drive them everywhere.  He said, “Ah, you want Bexley.”  As soon as we found ourselves under the trees of this arboretum, we knew we would relocate here.  We enrolled our kids in 1st grade at Cassingham, and have never regretted our decision.

Q) Describe your connection to the Bexley Education Foundation:

A) The BEF does a very good job of informing the community of its work.  In our first year here, we were invited to a BEF function. Since that time, we have donated regularly and supported the BEF’s efforts whenever and wherever we can.

Q) What inspires you to support the BEF (as Annual Fund donors and BRAVO! sponsors)?

A) We are thoughtful about who to support each year. We have two children in the school system who are thriving and benefitting from extracurriculars (sports and arts). Jim is the Team Physician for Bexley HS/MS and has a unique perspective on the Bexley schools’ positive influence on its student athletes.  We think it’s a no brainer to support BEF and the wonderful things that you do for the schools and students.

Q) What kind of impact/benefit have you observed that the BEF is making for students and teachers in the Bexley Schools?

A) Progressive technology, interesting and educational events for the community. Support for families and program which may be struggling with unmet needs.

Q) Would you encourage others to support BEF, why?

A) Of course! Bexley schools are a wonderful example a community caring about educating their young. As the saying goes, ‘it takes a village,’ and the more people who devote time, energy, and funds to this ongoing project, the better for the schools and for our community. Also, not everyone in our town has the means to enjoy all the opportunities our schools provide.  Supporting BEF is a wonderful opportunity to ensure all of our kids have the best of what Bexley offers.

Q) Anything else you think is important for us to know?

A) Jim is a proud graduate of public schools (he went to one ‘up north’ in that State that shall not be mentioned). We both think it is extremely important to value and support public education.  It is one of our country’s great treasures, and absolutely fundamental to the proper functioning of our Republic. The Columbus area has many examples of good private schools.  These types of schools typically benefit from foundations and endowments, something many public schools do not enjoy.  Bexley public schools stand their own against those private schools, and it is in part because of the work of organizations like BEF.  We are grateful for the opportunity to support BEF. Go Lions!