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Horger’s recognition becomes big news

Julie Horger is used to being on the other side of the excitement. As the adviser to the staff of Bexley’s student newspaper, The Torch, and the high school English Department chairwoman, Horger is usually in the background. She’s guiding students how to get the right angle on a feature, conduct an interview or get Read More

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Wilcox shares stories of study, career in chemistry

Whether employed as a writer, teacher, doctor or scientist, it is imperative that students write well. That was one of the many messages driven home last week by the Bexley Education Foundation’s 2014-15 Scientist-in-Residence, who addressed students in both large-group and small-group settings. (read more…) By DEBORAH DUNLAP, This Week Bexley News-

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Foundation’s grants fund art, cultural initiatives

The Bexley Education Foundation’s Board of Governors recently approved $89,905 in classroom grants to support excellence in the Bexley City Schools as part of its fall 2014 grant program. Of that total, $4,600 was awarded by the foundation’s student-led Youth Philanthropy Project. (read more…) By THIS WEEK BEXLEY NEWS –

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James McBride Photo

Saxophonist-author McBride to perform

As one who brings together both words and music to entertain and inspire, James McBride has been chosen as the Bexley Community Book Club‘s 2015 Selected Author. The BCBC, an arm of the Bexley Education Foundation, made the announcement last week (read more…) By DEBORAH DUNLAP, This Week Bexley News-

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Foundation commits to support of STEM, arts

We’ve all heard about the importance of science, technology, engineering and math education in preparing our children for 21st century jobs. Statistics show us that training in science, technology, engineering and/or math leads to greater employability and higher pay. (read more…) By PAMELA GLASGOW, This Week Bexley News-

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Foundation Busy Planning BRAVO!

The Bexley Education Foundation has announced plans for its 2015 BRAVO! fundraiser, to be held from 7 to 11 p.m. March 7 at St. Charles Preparatory School, 2010 E. Broad St. An all-volunteer planning committee chaired by Julie Cohen has been meeting since September to plan the evening that will feature tasting stations (read more”¦)

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