One for All Campaign/Powering up Education

It has been almost 20 years since the Bexley Education Foundation (BEF) conducted a major capital campaign. The BEF’s 2001 Campaign for the Performing Arts raised $2.1 million in 2001 to support the renovation of the Bexley High School Theatre (now known as the Schottenstein Theatre), the Cassingham Theater and the performance space at Maryland Elementary.

The BEF’s One for All” campaign with a $1 million goal will support the implementation of a 1:1 student device program in the Bexley City Schools. The campaign is a follow up to the BEF Board’s approval of a $250,000 Impact Grant in May which allowed the Bexley City School District to enter into a purchase plan for the 1:1 device program.

The campaign is seeking to raise the remainder of the cost of providing each Bexley student in grades K-12 with a school-issued iPad or Chromebook. The campaign is co-chaired by BEF Board Members and Bexley parents, Anna Ramsden and Jeremy Seck and is being led by a committee of current and former Bexley parents.

To date, early investors have contributed nearly $400,000 to the effort. The success of the “One for All Campaign” will transform instruction and “level the playing field” for technology in the Bexley Schools by ensuring that all students have the same technology access and experience.

One for All Campaign Overview

  • The Bexley City School District adopted a Technology Plan in 2019 that included phasing in a 1:1 student device program over a three-year period starting in 2020. When the schools closed in March 2020 due to COVID and the shift was made to distance learning, major technology gaps and inequities were exposed.
  • The economic downturn caused by COVID-19, the reduction in state funding for schools (expected to be $411,00 for the current fiscal year), along with the anticipated reduction in income tax revenue did not support the School District taking on the initial expense of a 1:1 student device program.
  • The 1:1 device program will provide each Bexley student in grades K-12 with a school-issued device, iPad or Chromebook, as a companion for learning starting this school year.
  • The initial purchase of approximately 2,500 devices is expected to have at least a three-year life cycle. The School District is developing a replacement cycle plan for devices.
  • School-issued devices will be secured, internet content filtered and used for assessments (State testing, MAP testing, etc.).
  • When all students have the same devices, teachers can fully focus on instruction because students are all on the same platforms. For teachers, school-issued devices provide opportunities for personalized instruction and the delivery of innovative, collaborative and engaging learning.
  • School-issued devices will be used by students in their classrooms as well as at home for homework, research, group projects, communication, etc. When students all have the same devices, It creates a consistent teaching and learning experience, whether that learning takes place in or outside the classroom.
  • The 1:1 student device program will prepare students to move confidently and competently into the tech-driven world.

To learn more about the One for All campaign, including how you can make a gift (payable over three-years), please contact BEF Executive Director, Pam Glasgow at (614) 338-2093, email her, or visit the the BEF’s website.