BEF Grants in Action

Thanks to the generosity of donors to the Bexley Education Foundation, Bexley students are continuing to benefit from BEF grant-funded programs. On Friday, February 19, author Torrey Maldonado visited virtually with fifth graders at Maryland Elementary School. A teacher and writer, Mr. Maldonado has authored critically acclaimed middle grade books and has been recognized as a Top Latino Author and Black Middle Grade and Young Adult novelist. 

Maryland fifth grade students just read Mr. Maldonado’s book, What Lane? During his February 19 virtual visit, Maldonado talked about the challenges of growing up in the Red Hook housing projects, and how his mom has been a constant source of inspiration. During the interactive presentation, students discussed characters in the book with the author; noting how the characters changed over time, similar to their own knowledge and understanding of racism as they read and discussed the book together. Many students asked questions of Maldonado and later commented.  “He gets the stuff that we are growing up seeing,” “I think it helps that he’s also a teacher” and “I wish we could talk to him again!”