Be Part of Funding the Future

BEF’s “One for All” technology campaign is now 77% of the way to its $1 million fundraising goal, the total cost of purchasing 2,300+ devices — a Chromebook or iPad for every student in the Bexley Schools. By supplying each Bexley student with a school-issued device, all students have the same access and experience with technology. 

Now that the school-issued devices have been in use for the past several months, Bexley students at all grade levels are utilizing the technology in new and exciting ways. At the elementary level, students are: 

  • Using the Co:writer program, a word prediction tool that helps students who are struggling with getting what they want to say onto the page. 
  • Accessing digital books using Razkids, where they can access more than 2,000 leveled ebooks. 
  • Responding to a teacher-issued a research challenge or an “instant inquiry” as part of their classroom reading discussions. 
  • Working in communities as their teachers use Flipgrid to pose questions to individual groups. 
  • Using the video editing software for Chromebooks, WeVideo, to create movies. 

At the higher grade levels, students are 

  • Using digital planners to keep track of classroom activities and manage documents. 
  • Build stop animation videos and create photographic mosaics. 
  • Complete labs and record data on their devices 
  • Using the Chromebook camera app to take photos of their work or diagrams
  • Answering clicker poll questions as part of class discussion. 

If you are passionate about the Bexley Schools and high quality public education, we hope that you will embrace the idea of making a financial commitment to the “One for All” campaign — just as Bexley students and teachers are embracing the use of the school-managed, internet content filtered, school-issued devices to collaborate, communicate and create both in the classroom and at home. 

We need your help to reach the finish line!  Every donor and every dollar contributes to the success of the campaign. Permanent recognition, that provides for your name (or your family’s name), on special donor recognition pieces to be installed at each school, begins at the $5,000 level (pledges can be paid in $1,000 annual installments over five years).  Here is a link to the campaign donation page: For more information about how to support the “One for All” technology with a gift or a pledge (payable over five years), contact BEF Executive Director, Pam Glasgow at or call (614) 795-6433.