2022-2023 Board of Governors

The 26-member BEF Board of Governors includes representatives from the Bexley Board of Education, Bexley City Council, Bexley Schools Faculty and Capital University.

The BEF Board Governance Committee annually asks current BEF Board Members to identify prospective Board members. Community members elected as Regular Members to the BEF Board of Governors can serve up to three consecutive three-year terms.  Board Officers are elected to one-year, renewable terms except for the Board Chair who serves a two-year consecutive term.


Sarah Saxbe

Chair | 2022-2023

Mike Agriesti

Vice Chair | 2022-2023

Julie Cohen

Vice Chair | 2022-2023

Adam Eisenberg

Vice Chair | 2022-2023

Ted Sapp

Vice Chair | 2022-2023

Angela Mugler

Secretary | 2022-2023

Jeff Schellhaas

Treasurer | 2022-2023

Douglas J. Segerman

Immediate Past Chair | 2022-2023


Barbara Giller

Chair, Advisory Council |

Linda S. Kass

Member Emeritus |

Board of Governors

Katie Bucco

Brent T. Foley

Jody S. Fournier, Capital University Representative

Andrew Grossman

Courtney K. Hanna

Larry Helman

Linda Hodge, Bexley Teachers Representative

Katie Kaufman

Amy Lauerhass

Alex Marsh

Alissha Mitchell, Bexley Board of Education Representative

Anna Ramsden

Jon Ross

Kathleen S. Russo

Jessica Saad, Bexley City Council Representative

Jeremy Seck

Sommer Sheely

Rachel Longaberger Stukey

Joy P. Walker

Eric Wasserstrom

Steven Werman