2019 Fall Grants

Thanks to the support of BEF donors to the Annual Fund and BRAVO!, the BEF’s Board of Governors approved the following classroom grant awards at its December 4, 2019 Board Meeting:

  • $12,444 to support a demonstration project of Node (tri-pod base) student seating in Dr. Scott King-Owen’s Social Studies classroom at BHS.
  • $13,000 to purchase 30 iPads to support World Language instruction for middle school students. With this grant, the BEF commitment to iPads for World Language totals $20,000.
  • $1,034 to purchase soccer goals for Maryland Elementary physical education teacher, Josh Price to use at recess and after school 
  • $4,630 to update the graphing calculators and TI-Navigators used in high school math classrooms.

An application to support new lightening systems for both the Cassingham and Schottenstein Theaters is active and is currently under consideration for grant funding.