BEXLEO camera equipment - $5,000

Classroom Grant | Fall 2016

Camera equipment with noise-canceling features, state-of-the-art lens and battery grip to support the production of the Bexleo yearbook.

Orchestra Clinic Day - $1000

Classroom Grant | Spring 2016

A grant of $1,000 was awarded to Sandra Crandall, Orchestra Director to support an orchestra clinic day for 66 students at the Cincinnati Conservatory of Music (CCM) located at the University of Cincinnati.


Strengthening Professional Learning Communities and Response to Intervention (RtI) - $$27,000

Impact Grant | Spring 2016

A grant of $27,000 was awarded to Laura Lipsett, Executive Director of School Programs to support a two-day professional development for all K-12 educational staff on how to use data and resources to meet the academic and social and emotional needs of students. The staff development will be held on November 7-8, 2016.

Acoustic Shell - $10000

Classroom Grant | Spring 2016

A grant of $10,000 was awarded to Amy Blosser, Director of Choirs, to help support the purchase of moveable acoustical shell panels for the Bexley High School Schottenstein Theater in order to enhance both choral and orchestral performances.


Bexleo Workstations - $5,642

Classroom Grant | Spring 2016

A grant of $5,642 will be used to provide for five new computer workstations in the Bexley High School Library in order to support the production of the Bexleo yearbook and the students who work to produce the Bexleo as part of their high school educational experience.

Online Public Access Catalog - $5,680

Impact Grant | Spring 2016

A grant of $5,680 made to school librarians will provide for two Online Public Access Catalog stations (OPAC’s) in the form of touch screen tablets at each school library (a total of 10 OPAC stations). Tablets, located on stands near library circulation desks, with catalog software will allow students to easily search for books and academic resources.

Maryland’s Today Show - $3,361

Classroom Grant | Spring 2016

A grant of $3,361 will be used by Maryland teachers, Mary Bidwell, Katie Appel and Meghan Kroll to support the purchase of new technology to assist with the production of the daily news show by 5th and 6th grade students.

Art for the Neighborhood - $2,000

Classroom Grant | Fall 2015

A grant of $2,000 will support the creation of a public art installation by Montrose students working with street artist Stephanie Rond over a period of two weeks. The art, aimed at exploring how we form a sense of place, will consist of an outdoor village of houses created by students and displayed throughout the South Bexley neighborhood.

Fine Arts Printer - $3,600

Classroom Grant | Fall 2015

A grant of $3,600 will enable Bexley High School to purchase a high resolution printer with the capacity to print gallery-worthy student art and photography. Students in Photography and Print, Digital Design and AP Studio Art courses who need high quality images for exhibitions and portfolios will benefit as well as Bexleo student photographers.

Connecting to the Past/Exploring the Future - $4,888

Classroom Grant | Fall 2015

A grant of $4,888 will support a chaperoned tour during spring break 2016 of museums, cultural centers, and colleges and universities that have programs in places to welcome and support African-American students and first generation college students. This program, offered to sophomores and juniors, supports several ongoing student success initiatives in the Bexley Schools.