Mobile Recording Studios - $5,949

Classroom Grant | Spring 2017

Grant funding will purchase computer equipment that will allow students to record music and vocal tracks together. The recordings will take place primarily in the practice rooms in the Cassingham Complex Arts Complex thereby freeing up the computer labs. The equipment can be used by music educators in other buildings.

The First Tee - $3,250

Classroom Grant | Spring 2017

Grant funding will support the implementation of The First Tee, an educational program that builds character, reinforces values and promotes healthy choices through the game of golf. This program will be available to all elementary schools.

Flexible Seating for BMS Foreign Language - $4,000

Classroom Grant | Spring 2017

Grant will support flexible seating options in middle school Spanish and French classrooms and support the 6th grade move.

Costumes for Shakespeare - $827

Classroom Grant | Spring 2017

Grant will support BHS English Teacher, Rachel Lilly to purchase a variety of costumes for students in 9th grade English to engage fully with Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet.

Flexible seating at Maryland - $15,208

Classroom Grant | Fall 2016

Grant will support the purchase of stability balls, Hokki stools, cushioned discs and bouncy bands for each K-5 classroom to allow students to find a comfortable posture and an opportunity to wobble, bounce or shift position while learning, increasing focus and learning while minimizing classroom disruption. After evaluating this initiative, BEF will make funding available to the other elementary schools on a similar scale.

STEM Explorers at Maryland - $1,916

Classroom Grant | Fall 2016

Grant will support the introduction of robotics, design and coding skills to 200 fifth grade students at Maryland Elementary, culminating in a school competition May 12.

Attitudes and behaviors survey - $5,980

Classroom Grant | Fall 2016

Grant will support implementation of a district-wide survey in coordination with the School Climate Committee. The purpose will be to obtain new data on “thrive indicators” as well as risk behaviors of Bexley students in three grade groups, following up on similar surveys done in 2005, 2009 and 2013. The data will be used to develop a district-wide strategic plan to address social and emotional needs of students at each grade level surveyed.

Visiting artist - $2,871

Classroom Grant | Fall 2016

Grant will support a student self-portrait project. 200 Bexley High School art students will photograph themselves, resize and transfer the photos onto plates and then manipulate the images with carving and color. Visiting artist Barb Vogel will work with students over a two-week period in April to create the artwork, which will be displayed in the Cassingham Complex.

BEXLEO camera equipment - $5,000

Classroom Grant | Fall 2016

Camera equipment with noise-canceling features, state-of-the-art lens and battery grip to support the production of the Bexleo yearbook.

Orchestra Clinic Day - $1000

Classroom Grant | Spring 2016

A grant of $1,000 was awarded to Sandra Crandall, Orchestra Director to support an orchestra clinic day for 66 students at the Cincinnati Conservatory of Music (CCM) located at the University of Cincinnati.