Generations of Bexley athletes welcome five new Hall of Famers

Five new members were inducted into the Bexley High School Athletic Hall of Fame on January 7 in an event that celebrated athletes who achieved outstanding success in a wide range of sports at different eras. The inductees played tennis, football, basketball, baseball, volleyball, soccer and track and field and graduated from Bexley as long ago as 1960 and as recently as 2011.

“I love that it transcended 41 years, from the class of 1960 to 2011,” said Sue Ramsey ‘74, a 1991 Hall of Fame inductee.

“It was an honor to celebrate the best of Bexley Athletics and to allow multiple generations of alums, coaches, and community members to connect and reminisce about the many experiences that make Bexley High School a special place,” said Jen Bunker ’92, an organizer of the event who was herself inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2005.

Mindy Millard, Sally & Gene Millard, Mike Millard

The oldest Hall of Famer to attend, Bud Susil ’47, got the chance to connect with Gene Millard, for whom the gymnasium where the event was held is named. It was Coach Millard’s family that made the Athletic Hall of Fame possible by creating the fund that supports it, the Rebecca Ann Millard Attwood Fund. Eli Goldberger, Director of Bexley Athletics, described the Millard family as the “connection of Bexley High School athletics.”

The Bexley Lion spirit was in evidence throughout the ceremony, with each inductee thanking their former teammates and acknowledging that their accomplishments would not have been possible without the support of family members, teachers and coaches.

The new Hall of Fame members are

Kevin Seckel ’90 – Two-time state boys’ doubles tennis champion, 1989 & 1990

Marie Ridgeway ’84 – Two-time state girls’ doubles tennis champion, 1982 & 1983

Sam McCandlish ’60 – Captain of the 1960 football, basketball and baseball teams

Jodie Bauman ’88 – All League, All District volleyball and basketball player

Charlotte Myers ’11 – Four-year varsity standout in soccer and track and field

Hall of Fame plaques can be viewed in the Lion Lobby. The full list of Hall of Fame members can be seen at the BHS Alumni Association website. The next class to be inducted will be 2019.

Sue Ramsey

Marie Ridgeway

Bill Hoyer

G.J. Seckel

Past and present Hall of Fame inductees