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Mr. Logsdon demonstrates the fluorometer with his AP Bio class

Fluorometer to enhance AP Biology and other BHS science classes

BHS science teacher Scott Logsdon loves to show his AP Biology students how photosynthesis works. With the whole class squeezed into a darkened storage room, he shines a UV light on a green spinach and acetone solution, which suddenly glows bright red. It’s a “wow” moment—but Logsdon has long wished he could complement it with Read More

Dog Walks or Pet Care Visits plus doggy treats from Precious Pets of Bexley

WHY I GIVE: Cassandra Gainer

For longtime BRAVO! auction donor Cassandra Gainer, running a pet-sitting business comes naturally. A dog owner all her life, her household currently includes two chihuahuas, a Jack Russell terrier, two turtles, two cats, a ball python, and a Betta fish. Yet her love for animals was only one factor in the “Aha!” moment ten years Read More

Architect Michael Bongiorno told students: "We can tear it down…or we can be radical opportunists and turn it into something more magical and more sustainable than it ever was.”

STEAM Talks Unite Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math

Bexley High School students heard presentations during the Dec. 2 extended homeroom period from a local architect who specializes in re-imagining urban spaces and a medical researcher whose work harnesses the power of engineering to bring intentional movement to those who are paralyzed. It was the Fall 2014 installment of the school’s “STEAM Talk” series, a Read More

ODU Professor Ann C. Hall introduces the panelists, from left: Fred Andrle, Sharon Davies, Hasan Jeffries, Lee Martin

BCBC Panel at ODU addresses race, identity and memoir

Race, family, memoir-writing and politics were just a few of the topics on the table Nov. 20 when a panel of scholar-writers gathered at Ohio Dominican University to discuss the best-selling memoir by BCBC’s 2015 Selected Author James McBride, The Color of Water. Panelists Sharon Davies, Hasan Kwame Jeffries and Lee Martin, in addressing questions posed by moderator Fred Read More


BEF’s Rohyans Sustainability Initiative supports waste reduction

When Cassingham fifth grader Jackson Klingelhofer went to discard his trash at lunch today, he found not one but four trash bins, each marked for a different kind of waste. Where to dispose of his leftover baby carrots? Luckily, Anna Old, a member of the eighth grade Service Learning Leadership Committee, was there to help. Read More

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WHY I GIVE: Susan Marantz

Susan Marantz has as much fun in her Maryland elementary classroom as her students. Whether she is sharing the names of children enshrined in her Math Games Hall of Fame, chronicling the journeys of “Yoke” the traveling egg, or describing how two students recently redesigned the classroom space using SMART Notebook technology, you can sense Read More


BEF Grant Supports STEM Classroom

In the new Bexley Middle School STEM classroom, teacher Beth Bennett is excited to see students making connections daily between math and science. With the support of a 2014 BEF grant, 56 eighth grade students—divided into two sections—now have two hours daily to combine math skill-building with scientific experimentation in a renovated classroom that features Read More


BRAVO! 2015 Committee Gears Up

Our volunteer BRAVO! committee, chaired for the second year by ace organizer Julie Cohen, met recently to get the ball rolling for yet another fantastic BEF fundraiser. Don’t forget to mark your calendars for an evening of food, auction and raffle fun on Saturday, March 7, at St. Charles Prep! If you would like to Read More


Dartmouth Chemistry Professor is Scientist-in-Residence

Dean E. Wilcox, PhD, BHS Class of 1971, spent October 15 at Bexley High School as the Bexley Education Foundation’s 2014-2015 Dr. Judah Folkman Scientist-in-Residence. Dr.  Wilcox had lunch with a small group of BHS students and science faculty, then made a presentation at an all-school assembly, followed by a smaller classroom demonstration. His topic was how curiosity about our natural Read More

Gillian Thomson and Kent Johnson

WHY I GIVE: Gillian Thomson and Kent Johnson

Gillian Thomson has been investing her energy in Bexley students since long before her children were old enough to go to school. It was less than a year after she moved here with her husband Kent Johnson when Gillian, a former member of the Canadian World Cup women’s lacrosse team, began coaching the relatively new Read More