Who We Are

Mission Statement: The Bexley Education Foundation shall fund, through private contributions, programs and projects to ensure the tradition of excellence for all served by the Bexley City Schools is maintained. Bexley Education Foundation will work with the Bexley City School District to identify and develop extraordinary learning opportunities that will benefit our students, teachers and schools and distinguish our alumni and community.

Vision Statement: The vision of the Bexley Education Foundation is to be the leader in private support for public education.


The Bexley Education Foundation was founded on the belief that excellent public schools are essential to the economic and social health of the communities they serve. To that end, the BEF supports educational initiatives that enhance excellence in the Bexley City Schools. Since 1983, the BEF has channeled more than $4 million in private support to the Bexley schools.

The BEF works in partnership with the Bexley City Schools to identify extraordinary learning opportunities for which tax dollars are not available.

The 25-member BEF Board of Governors includes representatives from the Bexley Board of Education, Bexley City Council, Bexley High School Alumni Association, Bexley Schools Faculty, Capital University, PTO Council and Bexley High School Student Council.

The Foundation raises funds through its annual Fund for Excellence campaign, sponsorship solicitations and ticket sales to the BRAVO! event, designated gifts including memorial contributions and Alumni Piazza brick and paver sales. Additional revenue comes from investment income generated by individual endowment funds and a general endowment fund held at The Columbus Foundation.

The private dollars raised annually by the BEF support ongoing programs sponsored by the Foundation and provide the means for making classroom and district wide grants for educational programs and projects. BEF grants enhance all areas of the curriculum and benefit students in grades K – 12 in the Bexley schools. During the 2016-2017 school year, the Foundation awarded over $63,781 in classroom grants and made its second and last payment of $97,500 on its 2012 Impact Grant of $195,000 to support district-wide wireless Internet access.

Watch our 2017 end of the year video, “BEF A Year in Review”


The Bexley Education Foundation is part of the American School Foundation Alliance (ASFA). For more information, click here.

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